If you have a dog or cat complaint within the unincorporated area of Hardee
County you must call Hardee County Animal Control at 863-773-2320. An
answering machine is available for after hour's complaints. If you choose
to leave a message on the answering machine then you must leave you name,
physical address and a telephone number where you can be reached and a staff
member will contact you during regular business hours. We strive to answer
all complaints within 48 hours.

If you have an after hours emergency you can also contact the Hardee County
Sheriff's Department at 863-773-4144.

For complaints within city limits, call:
City of Bowling Green 863-375-2255
City of Wauchula 863-773-3265
Town of Zolfo Springs 863-735-0405

To use our web-based form to file a complaint, please click here.





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