Management and Budget

Mission Statement

The mission of the Office of Management and Budget is to properly manage the County's budget in accordance with state regulations and to ensure that the budget process and results demonstrates high accountability, integrity and prudent expenditure of public funds.


Contact Information

Office of Management and Budget
412 West Orange Street, Room 204
Wauchula, FL 33873

Janice Williamson Budget Director
Julie Doner Budget Specialist
Bonnie Heggie Budget Specialist


Office Phone (863)773-3199
Fax (863)773-9480



Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday
8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Online Documents

File Name:
Proposed Budget FY 2013-2014.pdf
Management & Budget Policies.pdf
IHC 13-14 Tentative Budget.pdf
Hardee County Indigent Health Care Final Financials 2012.pdf
2013-2014 Adopted Budget.pdf
2013 Hardee County Audit.pdf
2012-2013 Adopted Budget.pdf
2011-2012 County Audit.pdf
2011-2012 Adopted Budget.pdf
2010-2011 County Audit.pdf
2009-2011 County Audit.pdf
2009-2010 County Audit.pdf
2009-2010 Adopted Budget.pdf
2008-2009 County Audit.pdf
2008-2009 Adopted Budget.pdf
2007-2008 County Audit.pdf
2006-2007 County Audit.pdf
12-13 Final Budget for Hardee County Independent Indigent Health Care Special District.pdf

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