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Hardee County has embarked on a community-wide visioning effort to help develop a framework for balanced future growth and development while retaining the County’s quality of life assets.  The visioning is also aimed at identifying community goals and a means to achieve those goals, both short and long-term. 

The Visioning process is intended to utilize a broad range of community comments, issues and opportunities, and develop a framework within which to proactively plan, develop milestones and identify potential community champions for the recommendations.  With each successive meeting, the community has refined the broader comments into more focused, action oriented recommendations that will be used to develop the overall final vision.   

The County and its consultant, Kimley-Horn and Associates, have prepared a series of summary reports and updates for the community’s targeted focus groups consisting of:

  • Economic Development
  • Land Use/ Recreation/ Open Space/ Environment
  • Quality of Life
  • Education/ Workforce
  • Infrastructure

Since the community-wide kick-off meeting in January, County staff and the consulting team have met with residents, business and community leaders through the focus groups and the appointed Steering Committee.  The results of each community meeting have been summarized and can be found on the County’s Visioning website. 

Since the community-wide kick off meeting in January, the County has held the first two rounds of community workshops concentrating on each of the specific focus groups.  In addition, the County has provided the summary information and results from these focus group meetings to the Steering Committee for additional review and guidance moving forward.  Residents, property owners and business owners are invited to attend the community workshops to help define the vision and goals for the County.  Contact the Planning office at 863-767-1964 or visit the Visioning website for more information and meeting schedules.



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