All Zoning Information prepared by the Planning/Development Department is based
on the Unified Land Development Code (Land Development Regulations), as
amended, adopted by the Board of County Commissioners and pertains to properties
located in the unincorporated areas of Hardee County. For properties located in the
incorporated areas of the City of Bowling Green, City of Wauchula, or Town of
Zolfo Springs, Zoning Determinations or Comprehensive Plan Consistency
Determinations should be obtained from the respective municipality. Construction
standards are based on the codes adopted by State of Florida, Hardee County,
the City of Bowling Green, City of Wauchula, the Town of Zolfo Springs as the
respective governing body. The Hardee County Building/Inspections Department
enforces the Construction Standards, codes and regulations, but has no authority
to deviate from them. Appeals should be made to the proper governmental authority.

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