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Florida Cowboy

Since its beginning in 1967, Cracker Trail Museum has collected over 4,000 items related to pioneer-era Florida history. Each item is maintained either within glass enclosed cases or strategically placed around the floor of the museum. Many of the larger items are provided in a setting that would be reminiscent of pioneer living. The items are identified with a tag that not only gives its description, but includes the name of the person who donated it. Proper records are maintained, so at any time, a guest may inquire about a certain item donated by a family member and its location can be retrieved through its computer data base. This procedure is used many times within the course of a month to assist family members for viewing a loved one’s acquisition.

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The "Oral History Program"

Cracker Trail Museum has been successful during the last year in obtaining oral histories from pioneer families within the community. Those interviews have been transferred to a DVD and are used along with photographs of the particular subject in a slideshow that is shown daily in the museum. It is the intent of the museum to collect as many of these interviews as possible in order to preserve an additional aspect of Hardee County’s history.

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Photography Collections

Another project that Cracker Trail Museum has been successful with during the last few years is that of expanding its photographic collection. In many instances, individuals are reluctant to relinquish their original prints, but they are willing to have their collections scanned for the museum’s use. Scanning equipment and laptop computers have been taken into individuals’ homes and businesses to make it more convenient for those original print owners. By offering this arrangement, Cracker Trail Museum has increased its photograph collection by over 200 historic pictures now displayed in the museum.

Preserving the history of Hardee County through its displays and acquisitions will enable the younger generation to understand where they came from and possibly even plant an idea that many will expand their interest into the historical culture of central Florida. In addition, Hardee County is a very diverse community consisting of many retirees who have come to reside in an area they are not familiar with, as well as a high population of the Spanish influence. Photographs and historic documents located in the museum enable them to get a snapshot into what has now become their permanent home.

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