Pioneer Park


Welcome to Pioneer Park

Entrance sign at Pioneer Park

Located at the Corner of U.S. Highway 17 & S.R. 64
in Zolfo Springs, FL 33890

Location map of Pioneer Park in Zolfo Springs FL.

Park Office located at 231 Wilbur C. King Blvd.
Phone: 863-473-5078
Hours: 7:00 am to 6:00 pm



$15.00 + tax ($16.05) per night w/o electric
$20.00 + tax ($21.40) per night w/electric
$23.00 + tax ($24.61) for 50 amp service) per night w/electric
$69.00 + tax ($73.83) per week w/o electric
$100.00 + tax ($107.00) per week w/electric
$115.00 + tax ($123.05 for 50 amp service) per week w/electric
$250.00 + tax ($267.50) per month w/o electric
$300.00 + tax ($321.00) per month w/electric
$345.00 + tax ($369.15 for 50 amp service) per month w/ electric
$2.00 + tax ($2.14) additional guest-per night, per person (ages 10 & up)
$10.00 + tax (10.70) additional guests per week, per person (ages 10 & up)
$25.00 + tax (26.75) additional guests per month, per person (ages 10 & up)
$1.00 per person, per nights Boy Scout Groups.

(** Rates based on one or two persons per camp site **)



Picnic Shelters - $50.00 + tax ($53.50)
Pavilion - $200.00 + tax ($214.00)
Rec Building - $200.00 + tax ($214.00)
Nickerson/Ullrich Building - $250.00 + tax ($267.50)

*For Pioneer Park building rentals, please call 863-473-5076*

**(Additional charges may apply for renting extra tables, extra chairs or use of lighting at the Nickerson/Ullrich Building)**

Cartoon graphic of a playground


The Cracker Trail Museum, located at the east end of park at 2822 Museum Drive, is open 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Monday thru Friday. The phone number for the Museum is 863-473-5076.

$2.00 + tax ($2.14) – Age 6 & Up – Daily. (Free for children 5 and younger)
$3.00 + tax (3.21) – Age 6 to 12 – Combo Ticket for the Museum and the Wildlife Refuge
$5.00 + tax (5.35) – Age 13 & Up – Combo Ticket for the Museum and the Wildlife Refuge


The Wildlife Refuge is located at the west end of the park at 650 Animal Way. The Refuge is open 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. daily with the exceptions of Monday and Wednesday. The phone number for the Wildlife Refuge is 863-473-4892.

$2.00 + tax ($2.14) – Age 6 to 12 – Daily (MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT)
$4.00 + tax (4.28) – Age 13 & Up – Daily
$3.00 + tax (3.21) – Age 6 to 12 – Combo Ticket for the Wildlife Refuge and the Museum
$5.00 + tax (5.35) – Age 13 & Up – Combo Ticket for the Wildlife Refuge and the Museum
$15.00 + tax ($16.05) – Single – Yearly Pass
$30.00 + tax (32.10) – Family – Yearly Pass
Free for children 5 and younger (MUST BE ACCOMPANIED BY AN ADULT)


   In order to make your stay more pleasant, we invite your attention to the following Park Rules. Pioneer Park is owned and operated by County Government. Therefore, all camping units must display a current tag, readily visible to management.

Campsites: (65 with water/electric, 25 without water/electric)

  1. No reservations.
  2. Camp in designated sites only.
  3. One camping unit & one vehicle allowed per camp site.
  4. No ropes or wires shall be attached to trees or buildings.
  5. Doormat shall be no larger than 3’x 4’.
  6. All trash must be placed in garbage cans or dumpsters provided.
  7. Dump station is located at the west end of the park.
  8. No water is allowed to be dumped on the ground.
    (washing of vehicles, trailers, or motor homes is prohibited)
  9. No boards, pallets, blocks, or other such items on the grass.
  10. All items outside on camp site will be arranged in a neat and orderly fashion.
  11. Camp fires are allowed, but please be careful.
  12. All camp sites must be left clean & neat upon departure.
  13. Restrooms with showers are available to registered campers. Showers are available to
    non-campers for a $2.00 fee per shower to be paid at the Park Office.
  14. Children are the responsibility of the parent/guardian at all times.
  15. Pets (two per camp site) are welcome, but must be on a leash (not to exceed ten feet)
    at all times. Pets are not allowed inside park buildings or near the Wildlife Refuge area.
    Do not leave pets unattended. Pet disturbance will NOT be tolerated at any time.
  16. No swimmimg in any waters of the park.
  17. Fishing is allowed from the banks of Pioneer Lake, Rock Lake, & Peace River. Boats are allowed on Peace River only. Boat ramp is available.

Mail & Messages:

Incoming and outgoing mail is available at the Zolfo Springs Post Office.
Personal messages will be accepted at the Park Office (863-735-0330) during the
hours of 7:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.
Emergency calls will be accepted at anytime.

Length of Stay:

Self contained units are allowed a maximum of 150 days in one calendar year.
Non-self contained units such as tents, etc. are limited to fourteen days.
You must leave the park for at least fourteen days before returning.

Picnic Facilities:

Reservations may be made for Picnic Facilities in advance.
The fee for reserving a shelter is $50.00 + tax ($53.50) per day.
Electric is available for both shelters for $15.00 + tax ($16.05) per day.
The Picnic Facilities are located at the boat ramp and western section of the Park.
Alcoholic beverages, profanity, obscenity, and use of firearms WILL NOT be permitted.


Click Here for a printable version of the Park Rules.


Thank you for your consideration. We hope you will enjoy your visit with us and choose to stay with us again in the future.


Pioneer Park Management and Staff