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Hardee County Indigent Health Care Special District


In 1993 Hardee County voters approved the establishment of an independent special district to fund healthcare for poor and financially vulnerable residents of the county. The Hardee County Indigent Healthcare Special District benefits the indigent population by ensuring qualifying residents have access to specific healthcare services, and was created by the adoption of Ordinance 93-03 by the Board of County Commissioners.


Specifically, the District reimburses the Florida Hospital Facility located here in Hardee County and throughout the Heartland region for medical expenses provided to qualifying Hardee County residents. Reimbursements are paid with ad valorem tax funds levied by the District, the total amount of which is not to exceed $550,000 annually.


The District is administered by a five member board, which is comprised of Hardee County residents. Two members are appointed by the Governor, and the remaining three members are appointed by the Board of County Commissioners.


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