Hardee Soil & Water Conservation District




Mission Statement


To provide leadership with the objective to help people conserve, improve, and sustain the natural resources and environment of Hardee County, Florida.




Recognizing the Hardee Soil and Water Conservation District as a governmental subdivision of the State of Florida, a body corporate and politic, organized in accordance with the provisions of the Florida Soil Conservation Districts Act of 1937, Chapter 18144, as amended by the Act of 1939, Chapter 19473, and as amended by the Act of 1953, Chapter 28094, for the purpose, with the power, and subject to the restriction set forth therein, the supervisors hereby adopt this program.

Florida Commission on Ethics



Hardee Soil and Water Conservation District Adopted Board of Supervisors


Charles Matheny Chairman
Larry Davis Vice-Chairman
John Platt Treasurer
Steve Johnson Supervisor
Cindy Weinstein Supervisor




Contact Information



316 North 7th Avenue, Suite 101
Wauchula , FL 33873
Office Phone:  (863) 773-9644
Fax: (863) 773-5757
Hours of Operation:
Monday - Friday  8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.